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Hillary Clinton: Moving Troops From Japan to Guam – Asia Society of NY

N. Korea, Japan, Guam, China

N. Korea, Japan, Guam, China

While working on the Bloomberg Terminal today, I noticed the wire picking up Hillary Clinton’s first major speech as Secretary of State – to the Asia Society of New York. Now I haven’t been able to read about this next point in any publication. But what was interesting is that the wire quoted her saying that the United States would be withdrawing some of its troops stationed in Japan and would be placing them in Guam.

Now why would the U.S. announce such a logistical shift? Perhaps Obama and Clinton are now recognizing that the North Korean threat may be dwindling – despite the Communist nation’s recent calls for the testing of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)? Sounds…reasonable.

Nonetheless by moving troops from Japan (Tokyo), which lies about 800mi from N. Korea (Pyongyang), and to Guam, we would be better able to isolate any Chinese offensive through the Pacific. Of course, IF the above stated is indeed the goal, then Obama and Clinton are implicitly stating that they do not trust China’s potential long run ventures. Hmm, is this supposed to help Chinese-American relations? Of course this is only speculation. – LG


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