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Girl, AGE 9, Set to ABORT Twins

Four months pregnant…

Big risk to carry out birth…

Sexually abused by step-father…


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4 Responses

  1. vyrquenox says:

    Well that’s just what idiots have happen. It’s not her fault, or mine either. This is what happens when stupid people have children for the sake of having children and don’t pay any attention to them, the children learn nothing. When idiots then marry other idiots who rape their children, worse things happen. Yes you can know may abuse your children, it isn’t any person in the phonebook, it’s not indecipherable. For one, you just see for a while if they seem to care about the feelings of others and take some effort to be selfless. If they just disregard everyone else, don’t let them near your children idiots. Sociopaths are commonplace. The bloody easy test is if you wouldn’t let them take care of say your pet rabbit or cat for a week, then don’t let them bloody alone with your children. This is sickening to have happened, but somebody is responsible for it, and it isn’t the little girl.

  2. vyrquenox says:

    The point of that is, she should probably in my humble opinion have or should have the abortion. What should happen is the bastard be convicted of double murder, because it was his fault.

  3. vyrquenox says:

    The way I think, the kids he tried to abuse and bring intot the world without a care, God would just take their souls and put them back in again and they wouldn’t ever know that happened.

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