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Starbucks Supports Union Bill

“Three big retailers are expected to back an alternative proposal next week on a hotly contested bill that would make it easier to unionize workplaces, a move some experts said would bolster the legislation’s chance of passage. Costco Wholesale Corp., Starbucks Corp. and Whole Foods Market Inc. are supporting the alternative proposal, according to someone familiar with the effort. Ray Krupin, a management labor lawyer in Washington said the most likely compromise would allow employees to unionize if 70% of them sign union-authorization cards, as opposed to 50% as currently proposed in the Employee Free Choice Act…”

We’re not all froth…


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At Least Obama is Recession Proof: Signed $500K Book Deal 5 Days Before Entering Office

“As he empathized with recession-weary Americans, President Obama arranged in the days just before he took office to secure a $500,000 advance for a children’s book project, a disclosure report shows.

“I don’t recall any sitting president entering into a book deal,” said campaign finance lawyer Jan Baran, former general counsel to the Republican National Committee. “They all have historically done that after they leave office…I recall the only ones who did sign book deals while living there were first ladies, and my recollection is they gave it to charity…”

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15-Year-Old Earns $20K Over Two Months As Prostitute

Teacher found condoms, lubricant and pimp’s card…Money was seized by police…

“Child sexual exploitation is an issue…across the north east…It’s not unusual…”

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