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U.S. Criticized Over Immigrant Rights by Amnesty International

Amnesty International has said tens of thousands of people are being held in US immigration jails without receiving a hearing to determine whether their detentions are warranted.

About 30,000 immigrants are held on an average day, the rights group said in a report released on Wednesday, triple the number in custody a decade ago…


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Study Shows That Wages and Employment Rose After Immigration Raids

“Wages and employment increased for legal workers after raids on six Swift & Co. meat-packing plants in several U.S. states in 2006, a study indicated.

Noting that the plants raided were back in production within five months, Jerry Kammer of the Center for Immigration Studies said there was “good evidence” that the number of U.S.-born workers increased, concluding that the plants “could operate without the presence of illegal workers,” The Hill reported….”

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California Budget Slashes Illegal Immigrants’ Health Care

“Bowing to recession-related budget pressures, Sacramento County recently took the drastic step of cutting non-emergency health services for illegal immigrants. Contra Costa County, on the east side of San Francisco Bay, will vote on a similar measure Tuesday…”

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Australia Plans to Cut Skilled Visas by 14% as Labor Market Weakens

Australia’s Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, has said that the nation will be reducing the number of skilled migrants visas by 18,500. This will be the first of such cuts in 10 years as the domestic labor market weakens to 5 year highs. Such a move will shrink the intake of skilled visas by 14% to 115,000.

In February, the unemployment rate leapt to levels last seen in Oct. 2004. The figure jumped by 0.4% points to 5.2% after economists had expected the figure to print to only 5.0%. The second month of the year also saw 53.8K full-time jobs converted into 55.6K part-time ones, signaling deeper labor-market weakness.

Evans told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio station that “we don’t want people coming in who are going to compete with Australians for limited jobs.”

The actions taken by the country’s immigration board may bolster inflation. In the final quarter of 2008, general consumer prices actually fell by -0.3%; the country felt the effects of deflation. Now, since there will be less workers available to meet the labor needs of job providers, employers will need to bid up the price of labor. As this happens the extra cost of labor is likely to be transferred to the cost of goods sold to the public. Hence inflation may rise.

This may sound good in theory, but since the visa cuts will only apply to skilled workers, the effect of such higher prices may only be felt in those goods which employ such people. Such goods may include electronics, research and development, and financial services.

Hence, the visa cuts might not actually help the common Australian, but instead aid those who are highly educated and are well-off on a long-term basis.
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Mexican Drug War “Bleeds” Across Border…

X-Caliber Guns, LLC Tried For Selling AK-47s to Mexican Drug Gangs…

1,000 Killed in Mexican Drug Violence First 56 Days of 2009…

U.S. Defense Sec. Gates to Give Aid to Mexican Military… “It clearly is a serious problem…”


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Mexico: The Third War?

STRATFOR: There are many different shapes and sizes of criminal gangs in Mexico. While many of them are in some way related to the drug cartels, others have various types of connections to law enforcement — indeed, some criminal groups are composed of active and retired cops.

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