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Talking iPod? Apple Unveils New Shuffle, Stock Jumps

“In fact, the latest iPod Shuffle, announced Wednesday and available now for $79, is the first portable music player I’ve tested that announces what’s playing. Push a button and it will tell you, in a computerized voice, the title and artist of whatever song you’re hearing. Keep holding that button and it will recite a roll call of all your playlists, allowing you to select among them. In my tests, this worked as advertised…”

Apple Stock Jumps 4.51%…


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Torrent Giant “The Pirate Bay” On The Stand as Trial Begins

Warner Bros, MGM, EMI, Colombia Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Sony BMG and Universal all sue!

Stockholm has never been so hot
Prosecution has tough time distinguishing between megabits and megabytes
S23K Bus Functioning As The Pirate Bays Media Center

S23K Bus Functioning As The Pirate Bay's Media Center

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