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New York Times Cuts 100 Workers as Costs Rise, Washington Post to Follow

WIRE: Two of the most respected U.S. newspaper publishers, The Washington Post Co and The New York Times Co, are embarking on new cost cuts in the face of dramatic declines in advertising revenue.

The Times said it laid off 100 workers and is cutting non-union salaries. It is also asking unionized employees to accept similar concessions to avoid layoffs in the newsroom…

Lawmakers Push for Newspaper Bailout…

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Senator Petitions for Newspaper Tax-Breaks, Operating as ‘Low-Profit’

SEN. CARDIN: This may not be the optimal choice for some major newspapers or corporate media chains but it should be an option for many newspapers that are struggling to stay afloat…

NET: Senator Benjamin Cardin (D-Maryland) Wants Newspapers to Operate as ‘Low’-Profits…Tax Breaks…

NEWS: Frank Nicastro, who represents Connecticut’s 79th assembly district, is asking the state government to do something to salvage The Bristol Press, a paper that may fold within days, along with The Herald. The papers’ publisher, Journal Register, is in danger of being crushed under millions of dollars in debt, and can’t afford to keep them open…

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The Audacity of Hope Shines as Obama Plans to Persuade Democrats to Support Budget

PAPER: President Obama will go to Capitol Hill this week to try to persuade skeptical Senate Democrats to support the administration’s first budget request after an analysis showed that the spending plan would drive the nation deeply into debt over the next decade.

Obama will address Senate Democrats on Wednesday, when budget committees are scheduled to meet in the House and Senate to consider the $3.6 trillion spending plan for the fiscal year that begins in October…



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